Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

To provide a quality service for writers at a reasonable price.

Proofreader. Editor.

Finding the right person to work with is important. I say “work with” because you (the writer) must take an active role in the process. Don’t ask that loaded question “What do you think?” Let the editor know what it is you’re looking for, and what impact you’re trying to make with your story. Sometimes the story you set out to write drifts off course, and too many times we just don’t see it. It’s also important to let whomever you work with know that you would like that person to explain and develop the “why” behind the criticism, and that you want ideas on how to proceed, in favour of the textbook criticism that can be used on all stories. When you do get feedback, give it time to set in. It can hurt at times. Sometimes it will crush you. Don’t let it; think about it, but always trust your inner voice. Once you find the right person, everything else just falls into place.

As an editor, I’ll polish and refine your work, directing the focus so that it flows, and taking out what doesn’t work. I will suggest, and rewrite problems areas in some cases. This will enhance the overall pace and provide clarity, while proofreading for spelling and grammatical accuracy, leaving you with a polished and complete script or novel.  I feel it’s important to refine, but never change, the writer’s voice.